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Norma Hellas S.A.

Norma Hellas S.A. (Greece) - a pharmacological company founded in 1970, the development of new products which is produced in research centers in Greece and Europe. The development and production of high-quality generic pharmaceuticals is the main goal of Norma Hellas.

The main principle of the company is the protection of public health and the quality of products Norma Hellas S.A.

New products and advanced dosage forms are being developed in research centers in Europe.

Canada and the United States are the main selling point after the decline in turnover in the Greek market, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Europe, the approval of several products of our company in the countries of North and Central Africa.

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Clomiphene citrate, 24tabs / 50mg
Section: Clomid
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Norma - Testosterone Enanthate, 1ml / 250mg
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