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Human Growth Hormone
Ansomone 2IU
Section: HGH
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SP Tropin 10IU
Section: HGH
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Pharmatropin 10IU
Section: HGH
Producer: Pharmacom Labs
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ZPtropin 12IU
Section: HGH
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Ansomone 10IU
Section: HGH
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HGH is a hormonal drug. Its active ingredient is somatropin (growth hormone), which has a wide application, both in sports practice and in the medical field.

For medicinal purposes, this drug can be used in the absence of natural STH in the body - to eliminate symptoms / deviations from this related. Similar pharmacological agents in medicine are prescribed to men, women, and even children in accordance with the strict recommendations of the treating specialist.

In sport, in turn, growth hormone Ansomon can be effectively used to increase muscle mass, lose weight and strengthen the body. Its application, as a rule, is long, and injections are performed subcutaneously.

Ansomon: the effect of the drug

Growth hormone (abbreviated as GH, also known as somatotropic hormone or simply somatotropin / somatropin) belongs to the number of polypeptide hormones to which, among others. Belong to the placental lactogen and prolactin. Structurally, it is a protein consisting of 191 amino acids. Natural GR is produced mainly by the pituitary gland, its secretion is uneven with the largest peaks after falling asleep (after 1-2 hours).

Ansomone on the basis of growth hormone, with the observance of the recommendations has a pronounced effect. The effect is anabolism and anti-catabolism, which plays an important role for athletes who are training. In more detail, the drug intensifies protein production and inhibits its breakdown in the body, strengthens fat burning processes, prevents fat deposition / increase in the subcutaneous fat layer, improves the percentage of muscle mass to fat mass.

Other effects of Ansomon are: immunostimulating effect, improving the absorption of beneficial elements in the body (minerals and vitamins, especially calcium bone tissue). The results of his course, in addition to fat burning and muscle growth, are also the strengthening of joints, ligaments, bones and the whole skeleton.

Separately, it should be said that the preparations of GR are widely known for their ability to enhance growth in length in children and adolescents with as yet undisturbed growth zones in the bones. Perhaps this is due to the development of long tubular bones in the limbs.

But can Ansomone (growth hormone), with such a pronounced effect, cause side effects? With normalized admission and examination of the functional state of the pancreas and thyroid gland, serious disturbances are unlikely. If there is a prolonged overdose, then in that case the patient may encounter excessive development of cartilage and bone tissue (among other things, leads to thickening of the bones and coarsening of facial features), suppression of the thyroid or pancreatic function (fraught with hypothyroidism and diabetes).

Ansomon athletes Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co (China) are described as a good choice. If there is no abuse of the drug, then no dangerous side effects occur. More details with the comments of buyers can be found at the Resource Forum, here you can ask the available questions.

Ansomon: course for an athlete

To the use this preparation of growth hormone can be recommended to athletes of different experience and level of preparation. With proper training and proper nutrition, truly impressive results are ensured.

The dosage of Ansomon is an individual question, largely dependent on the purpose of application. In sports, doses of 10 to 20 units per day are usually used. Such amounts of the drug are considered optimal for those wishing to achieve an increase in muscle mass.

The course of Ansomon injections for sporting purposes can effectively last about 3-4 whole months. At the end of the course, it is absolutely necessary to take rest from the hormone, so that the body regains sensitivity to it. Rest this in duration should correspond to the course itself. That is, if growth hormone has been used by you for 3 months, then rest from it should be about the same.

At high doses and long duration of use, it is necessary to monitor the functional state of the thyroid gland, the pancreas and the whole organism. In such cases, the intake of insulin and, possibly, thyroid preparations (lyotyronine / levothyroxine) is also considered mandatory. Tyroids, by the way, are not only good support, but they also improve results, because they have a fat burning effect.

The course of application of Ansomon can be combined with various steroids by choice. With which? Depends on your goals. Recommendations on this issue can be obtained at the Resource Forum, where experienced consultants work, from the doctor to the trainer in the BB.

Important: the use of Ansomona has a number of contraindications. The drug and its analogs from other manufacturers are not recommended for use in cancer diseases, epiphyses closure, individual hypersensitivity, women during pregnancy or lactation. In general, before starting reception it is better to consult with an experienced specialist in order to exclude possible risks.

Storage conditions of the preparation: the vial that has not been opened should be stored in a dry and dark place at a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius; As a precaution, storage should be kept away from children and pets.

Ansomon is the right purchase

In the our store, this drug for injection can be purchased freely and at an affordable price. We work virtually all over the country, providing a quality service for athletes. Here everyone can easily order steroids, peptides, hormones and other pharmacology.

We cooperate exclusively with trusted suppliers, so you can order Ansomon 10 ED without doubting its origin. Fake does not exist here, because we value our reputation. You can say that choosing our store for purchases, you open yourself access to a wide choice of pharmacology "first-hand."

The cost of sports and about sports medications is adequate for us according to their quality. In particular, the price of Ansomon is an affordable offer for good growth hormone from China. In addition, no one canceled the discount system and sales, due to which you can achieve tangible savings. Discounts are possible, we recommend that you visit the "FAQ" section if you want to learn more about this issue.

Buy Ansomon on our store - it's also safe, because our store provides a comprehensive protection system. Regardless of the circumstances, important confidential information will not reach unauthorized persons. In other words, buying only from us, you will ensure yourself the preservation of anonymity.

In general, we have to buy Ansomone 10IU on beneficial terms, both in terms of price and quality of service. Having studied the reviews of clients, you will find that there is no better place to buy sports pharmacology.

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