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Methandienone (Danabol)

Magnus Pharma - Methandienone, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Magnus Pharma
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SP Metandienon, 20tabs / 10mg
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Danabol, 25tabs / 10mg (new balkan)
Producer: Balkan Pharma
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Balkan Pharma - Danabol, 20tabs / 50mg
Producer: Balkan Pharma
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Dianabolos, 50tabs / 10mg
Producer: Pharmacom Labs
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Hilma Biocare - Methandienone, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Hilma Biocare
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Metaxon-10, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Malay Tiger
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ZPHC - Methandienone U.S.P, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: ZPHC
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Swiss Remedies - Methandienone, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Swiss Remedies
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Danabol DS, 500tabs / 10mg
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Metandienon - steroid that exerts an anabolic, and also androgenic effect on the body. It is produced under such names as Methandrostenolone, Danabol, Dianabol, Anabol. The drug is effective in increasing the "raw" mass, but doesn’t help achieve relief. The steroid leads to a water retention, but it goes away after sending the course. 

The effect of Metandienon on the body 

Steroid enhances anabolic processes, and also suppresses catabolic ones. Also, the drug forms a positive nitrogen balance. The active substance penetrates into the cell nucleus, activating the processes that lead to an increase in the synthesis of tissue proteins, DNA, RNA. All this gives the positive effects of this steroid: 

  • Increases efficiency; 
  • Gives rapid muscle growth and increased strength; 
  • Leads to burning subcutaneous fat; 
  • Promotes joint strengthening; 
  • Enhances appetite. 

Taking a steroid can lead to some side effects, because of the strong aromatization, increases the risk of developing gynecomastia. Also, the steroid is toxic to the liver, and when excess dosages can lead to jaundice. In addition, there may be acne, alopecia, increased pressure. But these side effects can be reduced to a minimum and even avoid them, if not exceed the dosages and be sure to remember about PCT. 

How to take Methane 

Steroid take a solo course, as well as combined. It is not recommended to use the drug for pathologies and cardiovascular system. If a solo course is chosen, the dosage should be 20-50 mg per day, for beginners - up to 40 mg, for women - not more than 30 mg. The indicated amount is divided into 2 doses and taken before meals. Begin with a small dosage, gradually increasing. 

Methane should not be taken for more than 6-8 weeks. With prolonged admission, the risk of side effects increases, and the effectiveness of the drug decreases with time. 

Combinations on the course 

Buy Methandienone can be with a number of steroids, because a correctly formulated course will help to achieve better results. 

  1. Methandienone and Stanozolol. This combination is suitable for beginners. Methane will promote the rapid build-up of muscle mass, and to buy Stanozolol follows a greater elasticity and hardness of the muscles, it will also expel excess fluid. This course lasts 5 weeks, and during the first of them should take 2 tab. each drug. The remaining four weeks dose should be increased to 3 tablets. You can use another scheme, for example, just at the end of the Methane course, add injectable Stanozolol. 
  2. Methandienone and Sustanon. It should take 40 mg of Methane daily and 250 mg of steroid Sustanon, which should be purchased at the rate of reception every 5 days. 
  3. Methandienone and Nandrolone Decanoate. Methane takes 30-40 mg daily, and you need to buy Deco at the rate of 250 mg per week. 

Be sure to remember about PCT and 2-3 days after completion of the course you can start taking Tamoxifen. Take should be 20 mg per day for up to 3 weeks, while the dose of the drug is gradually reduced. A list of the use of Karsil, which helps to reduce the negative impact on the liver. You can use Flamin and other cholagogues. 

Where and how to order and buy Methandienone. Price for steroid Methandienone 

Internet shop offers to order and buy Methandienone in The Netherlands at the best price. We created all conditions for fast and convenient ordering. Our store is engaged in the implementation of only quality, proven sports nutrition. To order and buy Methandienone in tablets at a low price, just place an order directly on the site. The price of Methandienone may be even lower if you are our regular customer. With the terms when the price of Methandienone and any other level can be reduced, you can see on the page - Payment and delivery. We help to buy steroids in the shortest time. 

Store has quite a large assortment of anabolic steroids and offers to buy peptides, growth hormone, fat burners, dietary supplements and vitamin-mineral complexes and our consultants will help professional consultations for the proper selection of necessary drugs. 

Methandienone: reviews 

According to many athletes, this drug is very effective. Especially it is recommended to combine this steroid with other drugs. The steroid has long been popular with athletes and is not going to give up its position.

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Balkan Pharma - Danabol, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Balkan Pharma
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Balkan Pharma - Danabol, 20tabs / 10mg
Producer: Balkan Pharma
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Olymp Labs - Methan D, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Olymp Labs
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